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Content writing is one of the latest areas to take advantage of developments in AI. Primarily with the help of Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (or GPT-3), tools have been developed which use a deep learning model that produces human-like text for a wide variety of purposes. 


The goal is that these tools can save content writers, and therefore businesses, time and money in the content production process. Here, we compare two similar options, Jasper and, to give you a clearer idea of what the competing software options have to offer.

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Jasper is one of the more popular copywriter AI tools currently on the market. It was created by a group of marketing professionals in Austin, Texas, who wanted to help create a solution to writer’s block using advanced machine learning technologies.


Previously known as Conversion AI and then as Jarvis, they changed their name to Jasper AI in early 2022 after legal concerns were raised over the similarities with Tony Stark’s assistant from Iron Man, a film from the Marvel franchise. In just a year and a half, they’ve created and developed an impressive tool that offers a variety of valuable features.


The features that you get with Jasper AI depend on the pricing plan you choose, which we go into more detail on below. The features listed here are some of the potential features, not limited to those only available in a single price group.

  • Word limit with options to increase. Jasper features a 20k or 50k word limit, depending on the pricing option. If you run out, you can buy more at $30 per 30k words. Remember – when writing content, it’s often necessary to rerun the same piece of content a few times before you get a result you’re happy with.


  • Tone of voice adjustment. Jasper features a customisable tone of voice, adopting similar styles to any content you want. This is perhaps one of the most impressive things about this AI tool – it doesn’t just spew out words, it can actually make them sound like a real, specific human being.


  • 25+ languages. The tool doesn’t just work in English – it currently supports over 25 languages, and that number is sure to expand.


  • Plagiarism checker. Jasper has an integrated plagiarism checker, for extra peace of mind. It’s not free, but it’s reasonably good value, priced at $0.01 per 100 words.


  • Chat support. While some AI content creation tools can be confusing to use, including Jasper for some people, Jasper has an excellent support system for users. This includes training videos, chat support, and live webinars. They also have an excellent community on Facebook, for additional tips and ideas.




Jasper currently has two pricing options – Starter and Boss Mode:

Starter – from $29 per month

The Starter package starts at $29 per month, which is reasonably expensive for an entry-level cost bracket. That $29 gets you a base limit of 20,000 words per month, which should be enough to produce short-form copy for a wide variety of businesses. These kinds of content would include social media content like tweets, headlines, and product descriptions for e-commerce sites.

You get 50+ AI copywriter skills, unlimited projects, and unlimited user logins – the main thing that’s limited is the monthly word count. While 20,000 words might sound like a lot – enough for a blog post perhaps – it’s important to remember that content writing AI tools don’t write blog posts perfectly first try – not yet at least.

The number of words you might use trying to get appropriate content for a blog could quickly use up those 20k words, much faster than you might imagine. This is also limited by the fact that each composition will only give 600 characters of output – ideal for short-form copy, less ideal for longer articles.

Boss Mode – from $59 per month

Boss Mode is significantly more expensive than the Starter package, starting at around twice the price, or $59 per month. It provides a base limit of 50,000 words per month, a limit that can be raised up to 5M+ if you need. Along with everything that the Starter package provides, the Boss Mode option also features a long blog post creator tool, long-form document support, and command Jarvis.

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4/5 is a popular alternative to Jasper, founded by Chris Lu and Paul Yacoubian in San Francisco in early 2020.

In a short two years, they’ve definitely proven the value of their service – massive brands including eBay, Zoho and Nestle currently use to help create content.

They place a focus on speed and quality, their tagline stating they want to promote ‘faster, fresher, better copy’, and the powerful AI can come up with copy options in seconds. It’s similar in many ways to Jasper, but before looking at the differences, let’s look at what has to offer.


  • 90+ Templates. One of the biggest pros of is the number of templates on offer. This facilitates a wide range of different content production styles, suited to most marketing and content creation needs.


  • Credit-based system. works on a credit-based system, where you use a certain number of credits for different tasks. You get 10 credits for free per month, and a sign-up bonus in your first month. One of the biggest benefits of the paid-for option is that you get unlimited credits, which means unlimited words and rewrites. This is a potentially significant benefit over Jasper, which doesn’t have an unlimited option.


  • 25+ language. Like Jasper, features over 25 different languages, and can also translate content.




Like Jasper, has two main pricing options:


Unlike Jasper, as mentioned before, has a free option. This option features a limited number of credits, access to their new Blog Wizard tool, all 90+ of their tools and templates, and support in 25+ languages. It’s a great option for marketers and writers who’re looking to see if AI tools can be a useful addition to their toolkit – not having to give over any credit card information before starting your account makes it a lot simpler, and a lot more appealing for many people.

Pro – $35 per month, or $420 when billed yearly

In addition to the features listed above, the Pro option allows you to have unlimited projects and provides you with unlimited credits. This essentially means you have an unlimited word count and unlimited rewrites, which is quite something. You also get access to all the newest features, which tend to be updated almost monthly, and access to their priority support system.

If you’re part of a larger team, perhaps at a marketing agency, you can also book a demo for you and the whole team, where you’ll be able to learn more about all the benefits of


Here are some of the main differences between and Jasper:


One of the main differences between and Jasper is the pricing options. These pricing options are potentially significant, especially for smaller businesses and marketing professionals who aren’t yet convinced as to the merits of content writing AI tools. 

Not only does offer a free option where Jasper doesn’t, but the Pro version (which is only slightly more than Jasper’s Starter option, at $35 vs $29 per month) offers unlimited projects and words. This is a benefit that even Jasper’s most expensive option, at $59 per month, doesn’t provide, with a 50k word limit. For writers who are true perfectionists and like to work through options until they find the best one, this might place quite some way ahead of Jasper.

Writing quality

In terms of the quality of the writing, both are similarly impressive – likely because they both use the same deep learning software, GPT-3. This means that the deciding factor between which suits you best will be pricing options and features on offer.

Some users do find that Jasper suffers more from repetition and inaccuracy than, especially when it comes to quotes. This can mean that you have to spend more time going over and fact-checking content produced by Jasper – not ideal if you’re using the tool to be as efficient as possible.


When it comes to features, there are some differences. has more templates than Jasper, with well over 90 on offer – if you find these more closely suited to your needs, that could be a swinging factor. 

You’ll also be able to test some of those templates for free with, with their free lower pricing bracket, unlike Jasper which requires a financial commitment from the get-go. 

Which tool to pick

Which one you pick really depends on which one best matched your specific requirements, as both tools are attractive options. If you’re just looking to get started with an AI content writing tool and don’t want to commit financially, then it might be best to go with The free features will let you get a better idea of what it’s like to use an AI tool with your content creation, and see if you get along with it in your own time.

If you’ve already used AI writing solutions before and know that you get along with them, then if Jasper has the features you need, go ahead. It’s a great tool which really feels like it’s been developed by a team who cares about the product. The ongoing support is highly valuable, for newbies and old hats alike. The pricing options might be a little bit more expensive than the competition, but you’ll very probably find that the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Make sure you check out our video review on both tools so you can visually see how one is formatted and what the differences are when actually using them: 

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