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Jasper vs Quillbot – Which Is The Best Writing Tool?

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Content writing is one of the latest areas to take advantage of developments in AI. Primarily with the help of Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (or GPT-3), tools have been developed which use a deep learning model that produces human-like text for a wide variety of purposes. 

The goal is that these tools can save content writers, and therefore businesses, time and money in the content production process. Here, we compare two similar options, Jasper and, to give you a clearer idea of what the competing software options have to offer.

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Jasper is one of the more popular copywriter AI tools currently on the market. It was created by a group of marketing professionals in Austin, Texas, who wanted to help create a solution to writer’s block using advanced machine learning technologies.


The bulk of writing tools used today produce original content, most often using the GPT-3 autoregressive language model (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3). This entails creating human-like content that can be adapted for a wide range of diverse purposes, utilising deep learning and an incredibly sophisticated algorithm. Common uses include marketing, blogging, as well as more artistic endeavours like writing short stories and novels.

Quillbot differs differently from other programmes (including Jasper) in that it focuses on paraphrasing already written information, rather than creating original content in response to a simple prompt. You can have it rewrite text for you by simply pasting the passage you want to be changed. It will be written in a style quite similar to the writing that was pasted in if no settings are modified. You can, however, request that it revise the material in a variety of ways, for example by using more official language or by making a technically challenging paragraph simpler.


The free version of Quillbot has a few basic functions, but the premium, paid-for version is the only way to access the majority of the more sophisticated features. Because of this, the majority of the features listed below can only be found with the premium option.


  • AI-powered thesaurus: The AI-powered thesaurus is one of the more appealing features of Quillbot. Although you could just look up words in another thesaurus, this takes time and diverts your attention from the task at hand. The AI thesaurus undoubtedly achieves its desired goal of increasing convenience by saving you time and effort. The AI thesaurus can also improve the flow and readability of your material by highlighting terms that are used repeatedly in a sentence.

  • Extension: To use Quillbot, you can download extensions in addition to using their web app. These can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Google Chrome, making it much more user-friendly for some. This means that the tool may be used easily in conjunction with other AI writing tools. If you discover that the content created by another AI writing tool, like Jasper AI, requires frequent revision, you can use the Chrome extension to quickly test and change the text that the other writing solutions produce.

  • Comparison function: When using compare mode, you can view all of the different paraphrase suggestions at once, and choose the one that best meets your needs. By eliminating the need to continually browse through suggestions until you discover the best one, users can save time. By simultaneously viewing suggestions from several modes in comparative mode, you can rapidly determine if the Expand or Formal proposal, for instance, is more appropriate.

  • Different paraphrasing styles: The free version of Quillbot only offers Normal and Fluency modes; the subscription version adds four more: Creative, Formal, Expand, and Simple modes. These various modes offer a very practical way to accomplish  rewrites with a focus on style change in the shortest amount of time possible; this can be useful if you’re repurposing content for a different audience or simply want to see what your work might look like in a little different style. 


High-quality paraphrased content is offered in each mode, along with highlights and dropdown recommendations that indicate what has changed, what words have remained the same, and the various language possibilities available to you.




Quillbot currently offers two highly affordable pricing options – a free version and a premium version.

Free version

Quillbot, unlike Jasper, provides a free version of their service.  The free version will be more than sufficient to evaluate its value, for those who only need to use it sometimes or for those who want to see if it’s a tool that will be able to truly assist them. It may be slightly limited in its scope for some users. 


Included with the free version, you can use the Standard and Fluency modes, paste up to 125 words in the Paraphraser, and choose up to three different synonyms. You also receive one Freeze word or phrase, and the Summariser allows you to paste up to 1200 words.


Premium – $99.95 billed annually ($8.33 per month), $79.95 billed every 6 months ($13.33 per month) or $19.95 billed monthly

The Premium option significantly increases the usability of Quillbot. Instead of being limited to 125 words, the paraphraser gives you an infinite word count that can be adapted using the Standard, Fluency, Expand, Shorten, Formal, Simple, and Creative modes. You also gain access to an unlimited number of Freeze words and phrases, as opposed to only one and only three synonym possibilities. Also, the Summariser word count increases from 1200 to 6000 words.


You have access to sophisticated grammar rewrites to aid in the editing process, as well as faster processing speeds than those that you would get with the free version. The subscription package includes a helpful plagiarism detector that can scan up to 20 pages each month and distinguish between various text tones.

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Jasper is perhaps one of the more well-known AI tools available for copywriters right now. It was developed by a team of marketing experts in Austin, Texas, who sought to use cutting-edge machine learning techniques to find a cure for writer’s block.

Jasper AI was first known as Conversion AI, then as Jarvis, until changing its name to Jasper AI in early 2022 in response to legal concerns around the resemblance to Tony Stark’s assistant from the Iron Man movie, a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They have designed and built an excellent tool with a number of useful features in just one and a half years, already possessing an impressive following.


Like with Quillbot, Jasper AI features vary depending on the pricing plan you select, which we discuss in greater detail below. The features shown below are just a sample of what might be offered, not just those exclusive to a certain price range.


  • Adjustable tone of voice: With its adaptable tone of speech feature, Jasper can take on a different persona for any topic you want. One of the most astounding features of this AI technology is that it doesn’t merely spout words – it can truly make the words it strings together seem as if they come from a real human being.


  • Flexible word limit: The word limit in Jasper is either 20k or 50k, depending on the purchasing option. At $30 for 30k words, you can purchase more if you run out. Always keep in mind that when producing content with AI writing tools, it’s often necessary to rewrite the same piece of material several times before you achieve the desired outcome.

  • Support system: While some AI content production systems, like Jasper for some users, can be challenging to use, Jasper has a first-rate user assistance system. Included in this are a chat support service, training videos, and live webinars. They also offer a great Facebook community where you may get more advice and suggestions.

  • Plagiarism analyser: Jasper includes a built-in plagiarism detector for added assurance. Despite not being free, it offers decent value at $0.01 for every 100 words.


  • 25+ languages: The programme isn’t just functional in English; it also supports over 25 other languages, and that number is only expected to increase.




At the moment, Jasper offers two different pricing solutions: Start and Boss mode.

Starter – from $29 per month

Starting at $29 per month, the Starter plan is rather pricey for an option that’s supposed to be in the affordable range. Your base monthly word limit of 20,000 words for that $29 should be plenty to write concise copy, for a range of smaller businesses. Tweets, headlines, and product descriptions for e-commerce websites are a few examples of the types of content you could expect to create without too much limitation.


The only thing that’s really restricted is the monthly word count; otherwise, you receive access to 50+ AI copywriting skills, limitless projects, and unlimited user logins. While 20,000 words may seem like a lot—perhaps enough for a blog post— it’s vital to keep in mind that content writing AI technologies don’t always produce blog posts that are flawless on the first try.


In practice, trying to find appropriate results for a blog can mean that you use up those 20k words far more quickly than you might think. The output of each composition is limited to 600 characters, which is good for short-form material but less good for lengthier pieces.

Boss Mode – from $59 per month

Boss Mode costs around twice as much as the Starter subscription does, or $59 per month, and is therefore significantly more expensive. It offers a base monthly word limit of 50,000 words, which can be increased to 5M+ if necessary. The Boss Mode option comes with all that the Starter package offers, in addition to a tool for creating lengthy blog posts, support for lengthy documents, and command Jarvis.


As you can probably see by now, there are some significant differences between Jasper and Quillbot.

Intended function

Each tool essentially aims to fulfil a different core function.

Jasper, like many other AI writing tools, aims to help users create new, high-quality content based on simple prompts. Creating something from ‘nothing’ using its highly complicated algorithm and range of surrounding features is highly impressive; for those who need to create new content and don’t have text that they can reuse, it’s likely to be quite useful.

Quillbot aims to help writers edit, rewrite and repurpose existing text. In this sense, it aims to fulfil a quite different core function to Jasper. Unlike Jasper, for Quillbot to do its job you need to give it some existing text. If you have that text, it’s an incredibly useful tool – it can make rewriting and repurposing content an incredibly easy task, saving you a lot of time and effort. If you don’t have that original text, however, it’s not going to be able to come up with written content based on a single-word prompt. 


While neither tool is incredibly expensive, Jasper AI is definitely the more expensive of the two.

Jasper AI doesn’t come with a free version, and the cheapest Starter Mode option (at $29 per month) costs more than Quillbot’s most expensive Premium option (at $19.95). The team Jasper AI is clearly confident that its product offers value, but for the more cautious user, it might be a point of contention that you’re unable to truly test the tool before committing financially.

Quillbot is definitely more affordable, with a free option and a well-priced Premium option. That being said, Quillbot isn’t a ‘more affordable’ Jasper alternative – as mentioned before, it won’t write you original content, it will only paraphrase existing content. For that reason, comparing prices is only so useful.

Which tool to pick

Unlike in some comparison articles, here it’s hard to suggest one option over the other. Both fulfil such different needs that, if anything, we’d like to suggest using both. Use Jasper to come up with original content, and then Quillbot to help you rewrite and edit that content if it’s imperfect the first time around, as it so often is.

If you want an impressive AI-powered writing assistant, to come up with fresh text for you based on nothing more than a simple prompt, then go with Jasper AI. It’s one of the best GPT-3 powered AI writing tools around, and you’ll struggle to find a better solution.

If what you’re looking for is a modern, AI-powered paraphrasing tool, then go with Quillbot. It’s invaluable when it comes to rewriting content in a variety of different styles, with several included features that make the editing process a lot easier.

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