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Writesonic Review – How good is this AI Writer?

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How good is the Writesonic AI tool?

In this review, we’re diving deep into the AI waters and looking at exactly just how good Writesonic is when it comes to multiple aspects of AI content creation. 

Yes, the bulk of the review is geared around article and blog writing, however we do also explore some of the other features (and you may be surprised at what we find!). 

If you’d rather skip ahead and test out the tool for yourself, then by all means check out Writesonic via our handy link. 

Alright, if you’re here for the entire review, let’s get into it.

Our rating


Walking you through the signup process as a beginner

I think one of the better things that has come out of a highly competitive AI copywriting tool market is that these tools have no choice but to make the process as seamless as possible for you. Otherwise, you’ll probably just go to one of their competitors who has made the process easy.

With Writesonic, they’ve clearly thought this through, and you get walked-through the process right out of the gate.

For example, in the screenshot below, we’re asked what we actually want to use the tool for:

Let’s say we only want to use it for articles and blogs to speed the whole process up – we then see:

I love this. The tool is walking you through the exact features that you’ll want to try, inline with the aspect of the tool that matches your requirements the best.

Looking into the realm of features for article writing online, it’s pretty easy to see that you’re not going to be stuck to find an approach that the tool can take when it comes to your actual requirements.

What’s really cool as well is that these tools (not just Writesonic) are good for not just articles. You can do things like speed up the process of writing unique eCommerce product copy, write newsletter headlines, and even get it to draft your social posts.

Okay, back to the Writesonic review – let’s continue and select ‘AI Article Writer 3.0’, ‘Sonic Editor (GPT-3)’ and ‘Content Rephrase’ – we then get to the dashboard, tailored to what we actually need it for:

Alright, so we’ve signed up. How good actually are the features?


For the purpose of this review, we won’t be diving into absolutely everything that Writesonic has to offer. I’m sure you’re already chomping at the bit to get going with your AI content, so let’s look at some of the more popular aspects of the tool that you probably will want to try out:

AI Article Writer 3.0

I actually think this is the best out of all of the AI copywriting tools, mostly because it has the initial title generator section built into the article writing function.

For example, we’ve gone with a title start of ‘Why does my pug eat so much’? This then gets expanded into a broader article around ‘Why do dogs eat so much’, so the tool is to identify broader opportunities based on the context and keywords I’ve inputted:

Once we choose a title, step 2 is then the intro generation – again, it’s fantastic how the tool has this structure ready for you, rather than you having to manually go to a title generator section, then an intro section tool, then a body section tool etc… it’s all in one place, and super simple to navigate.

You get the point here. The tool is taking you through the process step-by-step. Does that mean it’s a little more geared towards the beginners rather than the experienced AI copywriter? Well, yes. But honestly, the alternative of a minimalist tool with no structure and prompts is not something I’d recommend to anyone. At the end of the day, you’re using these tools for speed and convenience, not for messing around for hours due to shoddy UX.

Content Rewriter

This is awesome. Maybe not something you’d use for spun content, but definitely something to use when you’re struggling for inspiration, or don’t like the way a certain paragraph sounds. 

For testing purposes, we’ve used part of this review itself, so you can see, in real world terms, what a rewrite from Writesonic would look like:

This is so cool! As you can see, the tool highlights the primary aspects and keywords that make-up the main points of the content, and it has strategically rewritten certina sentences to ensure that you’re both keeping in the main points, and that it does deviate slightly from the original content on the page.

Quora Answers

This section is incredible because you can use the AI format of the Quora Answers, but you don’t have to actually just use this to give you answers and questions to add to the Quora platform. 

For example, you could use this to do things like: 

  • Respond to journalist requests for link building and PR purposes – Input the questions and get an answer, then expand it 
  • Get FAQ’s to add to the summary of your article 
  • Genuinely use it to get Questions and Answers which you can reply to on separate profiles 


Here’s how it looks when you put in quite a specific question (I wanted to give it a run for its money):

Not bad! One thing I would say is that it never quite answers the question in a detailed manner, but that’s not really what I was expecting. You’re better off using this as a guideline, to then expand on the answer given.

Short Press Releases

For this section I included an (admittedly terrible) example of a press release we could send once launching Digital Tool Report. I think that, considering the pretty rubbish content I inputted, the tool has done a good job of working out the types of things that need to be included. Would it need tweaking? Yes absolutely – but then again, my input was awful at best!

Google Ads

Remember that, if you’re using this tool for any aspect of content or marketing (paid and organic), you need to ensure that you’ve also done your own research externally from the tool. Don’t go relying on any AI tool to get everything right, or especially with Google Ads, don’t expect it to be optimized for your cost-per-click and conversions. This is a tool to speed up the writing and ideation processes, not hand-pick the best keywords for your campaigns!

Here’s an example I added as if we’re doing a very top-level ad for Writesonic – again, it gets everything right in terms of what a Google Afs format would and should look like. Can’t really complain!

Writesonic vs Jasper vs Rytr - Where does it stand?

Yes, I listed more than these three tools in the Jasper alternatives guide alone, but I’m going to assume you’ve already heard of and probably tested Jasper and Rytr too and they’re arguably just as popular, so let’s look at what they stand in comparison:


  • I must say, I prefer the way Writesonic has more of a rigid structure with combining multiple aspects of a process into a singular feature, which isn’t really something we see with Jasper and Rytr 
  • Jasper certainly still has the best usability of all tools in terms of navigating through its features 
  • Writesonic is incredibly user friendly – easily the most user friendly out of the three tools 
  • The ‘other’ section within Writesonic is not something that the other tools have as extensively, Yes, they also have seemingly random features when compared to what you’ve signed up for, but looking at Writesonic, it certainly exceeds expectations – I mean, come on, it even gives you a song writing feature!!


Here are the current prices – definitely, and at the time of writing in 2022, the cheapest tool is Rytr based on packages, however based on overall word count and features on a package basis, Writesonic wins hands-down. 

  • Writesonic – Paid features starting at $15 p/m 
  • Jasper – $29 starter
  • Rytr – $9 a month starter

My thoughts having tested all three AI copywriting tools is that Writesonic is tied with Jasper, purely based on its pricing and number of features compared to the other tools.

Writesonic - Pros and Cons



In Summary

Is Writesonic perfect? Well, no – and I wouldn’t say that any AI copywriting tool is in 2022. But, that doesn’t mean that you should discard it, or these tools in general. 

What Writesonic does offer is a very easy to use, seamless bit of software that allows you to dip your toes into the AI waters, without the process feeling too overwhelming. 

Considering the pricing, the features are much more in-depth than I expected, and I did find I wasn’t having to rewrite the content much. 

You should absolutely check this tool out if you’ve been wondering about AI copywriting tools, or if you’ve tried some of the alternatives and have heard about this one! Plus, you can get started for free, so there’s really no reason not to give it a go.

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